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Matoya Oysters

Matoya Bay, located on the Shima Peninsula of Japan, is blessed by three rivers running through the natural forest and fertile lands flowing directly into the bay.

These fertile estuary's combined with the ice-cold ocean tides creates the perfect condition for the Matoya Oyster to flourish on an abundant rich diet of diverse plankton.

The only One Year old oyster (as compared to mostly 2 to 3 year) are cultured in full harmony with the bay natural conditions as is obvious by their plump full body with heavenly sweet umami tasting notes.

Matoya Bay - Sato Farm has patented an oyster purification method, using UV sterilized seawater, guarantee the safe consumption of live Matoya Oysters. Since 2002, Matoya Oysters are recognized for their highest level of excellence and are awarded the prestigious Mie-Brand. The oysters are exclusively shipped to high-end sushi bars and renowned restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka.

Now exclusively available at Le Quartier.


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