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Le Quartier is established as a refined and elegant neighborhood restaurant, passionately motivated by its residential diversity and flourishing business communities of Jakarta and abroad.   Since it’s opened its doors in 2013 the restaurant quickly became a trusted dining partner and benchmark amongst its diverse loyal and returning customers. Until today the highly successful restaurant with proven commitment to excellence remains a steadfast favorite for patrons looking for “Joie de Vivre” provided by its ever-present owners firmly supported by their longstanding team of skilled professionals.   The Restaurant is loved for its genuine, unpretentious and lively ambience, reminiscent of highly sought after Brasseries in Paris, London or New York. A visit to Le Quartier is effortless set in French, Italian, Belgian and Spanish dining cultures. The restaurant does not rush anyone along and sets the stage for memorable dining regardless the occasions from early breakfast, brunches, lunch and dinner, seven days a week.

Le Quartier, French Restaurant Jakarta
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